Battle With Cards In Unique Space Themed Environments

Earn exclusive in game items, NFTs and even ATX tokens! Join our xCard platform to play AstroX.

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Fast-Paced, Epic Turn-Based Card Battles In Space!

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The Future Of Gaming Is Upon Us
Hive Mind
Minion EMP Burst Rusty


Our Players will have full digital ownership to their NFTs in the form of cards that can be used in-game or traded on an NFT marketplace.


Become A Space Legend

Space Trooper your way to the perfect deck and out strategize your opponents

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Duel In Space And Claim Your Honor

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XCards, Booster NFTS, ATX Tokens

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Trade ATX On Any Supported Dex Or Cex


AstroX Team is unique in the space, I have been following the core team for a while now and they never give up and keep making progress every day. I look forward to what the future holds for me as an investor in AstroX.

Kenneth Nordic, Sweden. Telegram ID – @UrFirst

AstroX is backed by a renowned crypto team. They provide daily updates as part of a fully transparent approach. Being Certik audited and fully KYC-verified gives me ultimate confidence about the safety of ATX.

Will – Australia – Telegram (

I am more than happy to have found AstroX. With a team like this and a well thought through roadmap, NFT’s and a great play to earn game on its way there is no limit to what this project could achieve.

Måns, Sweden – Telegram [email protected]

When I’d invested first, I was looking for something that brings me passive income.i have found much more than that!I think it’s your first time when you heard of AstroX, well, prepare yourself, you’ll hear a lot of it from now on!

Anca Barbulescu – București, România – @AncaClarisa

I have known this team from previous projects and have seen first hand how they turn ambitious ideas into a reality. AstroX is top level stuff, it has an extraordinary vision. I am so excited to be a part of the journey.

Kirsty – UK – Telegram ID – @cherry50174

Been watching AstroX since July 2022 and have to say this Team is 1/1 very hard working people who truly believe in what they are doing, that’s why I have invested on this Business project as there is soo much Potential. No Debut 200%.

Joshua Yonkers. – Telegram ID – AstroX_Wolverine.

I have known GMAN and Mo for over two years now. I watched them take projects from nothing to extremely profitable. AstroX is no exception. So happy and excited to part of this.

Tom from Illinois. U.S.A. – @bizcardguy

AstroX is the kind of once in a life time opportunity that investors search a lifetime for. I feel so fortunate to have found this incredible team when I did and I’m definitely HODLING. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Jelaine VanHelsing – @JelaineVanHelsing

AstroX is one of THE projects that will give you a peace of mind. Doxxed devs and great utilities. They started this projects with real life legit companies in mind unlike others. Don’t miss out on this great project.

Jenny – @Crypto_Butterfly

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The Future Of Gaming Is Upon Us

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