AstroX is a staking, gaming, and launchpad ecosystem with its first game being an NFT trading card game. Our first game has unique space-themed RPG elements that allows our players to earn in seasonal tournaments by playing and competing.

AstroX is built on the Binance Smart Chain for it’s initial game utility, however the platform supports multi chain for future growth.

AstroX is committed to becoming a safe hub for web 3 gaming starting with a Revolutionary NFT Trading Card Game.


We are who we are by way of representation of our CEO – John Gibb – aka – G-man, the brainchild behind the dynamics & potential of the AstroX Game Project. 

Gman has grossed millions of dollars online and is an expert at online selling, fund raising , and so much more. 

The Team is very much Leadership driven by the unique and fast paced abilities of this genius in the fast lane. 

Throughout the trials & tribulations of our journey, Gman is always the first to come fighting back with all guns blazing. 

Gman is very much the commander, captain & trooper of the AstroX Spaceship.

Overall Team in General

Overall, we are a transparent Team of Veterans in the online industry, ready to make a difference, and we come with an engine of collaborative experience, with the ability to brainstorm & combine strengths of our multi skilled talents.

We are KYC verified, which is a foundation of AML/CFT compliance regulations around the world, meaning we are identified, traceable & recognised for what we are aiming to genuinely, and personally achieve, for each & every one of our community members, across the globe. 

The Team comes with years of experience in the internet marketing industry & game development arena. 

The team at AstroX have created an in-house developed game for their first release to foster the AstroX ecosystem by utilising the true potential of NFT interoperability

We are pictured on our company website, and we will soon have a team video on the new website.



AstroX Game LTD – is a company registered in the United Kingdom – we are registered on companies house – our incorporation certificate is visible – Company number 14290550. 

Take a look out there throughout the BSC blockchain space, see if a project out there comes close to The AstroX Game Project. 

The AstroX Project is supported by the following authorities

  • ASURE DEFI –  https://assuredefi.com/projects/astrox
  • GEMPAD – https://gempad.app/
  • CERTIK – https://www.certik.com/projects/astrox
  • COINMARKETCAP – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/astrox
  • ICO – UK – INFORMATION COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE – https://ico.org.uk 

What problems we solve

We are a Team of genuine people, who genuinely care about the communities of the Project. We come with the desire & passion, as well as the dedication to make this a life changing experience. 

We have a unique staking pool system setup based on actual trading volume, and we will soon launch our revenue distribution staking pool system based on our actual company revenue. No pie in the sky nonsense. Our staking system has never  been done before on BSC.

We are also helping in the reshaping of a genre. The first AstroX game will not be just another glorified rock, paper, scissors TCG. In fact, each player will have to strategically plan out their turn in order to outsmart their opponent.

We are supporting the Revolutionising of the game industry with our unique game designs and steady game economy long term. 

We believe that players should truly own their assets in any game thus, rewarding them for the time and effort that they have honourably invested (in playing our games and contributing to our community.) 


For the first season release of our first Astro X game, we will be releasing card packs minted in the form of NFTS. 

We are a gaming ecosystem where we can reward players in sustainable ways via seasonal token pool tournaments, and overall community tasks. 

Our XPAD launchpad will be based on NFT mints for new games, rather than additional tokens and featuring pump and dumps (and this is an upgrade from the old type of launch pads that will be featured on our new web 3.0 website.)

We need to update the old text as we don’t want to be a launch pad like others where all of the tokens launched are either going no where or completely out of business. 

We are an internet marketing agency having grossed millions of dollars online (all provable in real accounts), and so we can offer our marketing solutions to the world via AstroX at rock bottom prices beating out any competition. 

We can also offer various block chain solutions, including external game development for other clients  (through our dedicated video game and development team.)

We will also be releasing digital products and selling them via the AstroX brand to add to the backbone and strength of our overall eCosystem. 

We have over 2 decades of internet marketing skills from SEO, Video marketing, PPC, blogging, product launches, funnels, webinars and so much more – giving us unique advantages for the crypto sphere.

Our team also has 5+ years of experience with solidity and game development.


Powered by veterans

John Gibb ‘Gman’


Gary Abela

Co-CEO & Project Manager

Mo Miah ‘Mo Million’

Project Support

Stan van der Weide

Chief Technical officer

Robert Hamilton

Web Host Manager/Technology and Security Advisor

James Rowland

Marketing and Project Support

Christian Simon

Web Host Manager/Technology and Security Advisor

Steve Jones

Community Lead

Muhammad Abbass

Social Media Manager

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The Future Of Gaming Is Upon Us

AstroX Game LTD - 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom

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