The bounty hunter

Pret A.K.A. Pret the predator was a ruthless bounty hunter, known for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to do whatever it takes to capture his targets. He had been in the business for many years, and had developed a reputation as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Pret was a skilled hunter, and had picked up many tricks and tactics from other hunters over the years. He was also in possession of some advanced alien technology, though he didn’t know how to use it. This didn’t stop him from wielding it in battle, however, and it often gave him an edge over his opponents.

Pret’s signature move was his “planned attack,” which allowed him to destroy one card on the board and send it to the graveyard. This was a devastating ability that could turn the tide of battle in his favor.

In addition to this, Pret also had a passive ability called “relentless,” which allowed him to deal damage to his opponent every three turns. This made him a formidable opponent, and many bounty hunters learned to fear him.

Despite his ruthless nature, Pret always completed his bounties, no matter the cost. He was a true predator, stalking his prey and pouncing when the time was right. He may not have been the most likable character, but he was certainly one of the most effective bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Bounty Hunter


The mechanic/smuggler

With her sharp mind and quick reflexes, Mave was always one step ahead of her competitors. She had picked up a few tricks from both sides of the law, and used them to her advantage whenever possible. She was always looking for new opportunities to make a quick profit, and wasn’t afraid to take risks in order to do so.

One day, Mave found herself on a mission to deliver a shipment of illegal goods to a group of pirates. She knew the risks involved, but the potential rewards were too great to ignore. As she made her way through the treacherous asteroid field, she kept her eyes peeled for any sign of trouble.

Suddenly, a group of Ranger ships appeared on her scanners, and Mave knew she was in trouble. She quickly activated her “Shield Up” ability, which allowed her to block one attack from her opponents. But the Rangers were relentless, and soon her shields were depleted.
Desperate to survive, Mave activated her “Brace!” ability, which restored some of her shields every few turns. She used this to her advantage, dodging and weaving through the asteroid field to avoid the Rangers’ attacks.

Despite her best efforts, Mave was eventually surrounded by the Rangers. But just as they were about to capture her, she managed to outmaneuver them and make her escape. She knew she had been lucky this time, and vowed to be more careful in the future.

Mave continued to work as a mechanic and smuggler, always looking for new opportunities to make a profit. She was always on the lookout for new tricks to add to her arsenal, and her reputation as a master of her craft only grew with each successful mission. She may have been a criminal in the eyes of the law, but to those who knew her, Mave was a force to be reckoned with.

Mave Mechanic Smuggler


The alien

Tasku was an alien unlike any other. He was tall and humanoid, with a sleek and powerful body. But unlike his kin, Tasku was curious and friendly, always eager to learn about the strange and wondrous creatures he encountered on his travels.

One day, Tasku found himself stranded on a hostile planet, surrounded by enemies who wanted to do him harm. But rather than panic, Tasku used his incredible mental abilities to manipulate time and space, stopping his enemies in their tracks.

With a flick of his wrist, Tasku activated his “Distort Space Time” ability, discarding two of his own cards and fusing all of the cards on the opponent’s side into one. The enemy was stunned, unable to move as Tasku calmly walked past them, unharmed.

But Tasku didn’t stop there. He knew that he was still in danger, and he used his “Statis” ability to freeze a random opponent card in the deck. With one less enemy to worry about, Tasku was able to escape the hostile planet and continue his journey.

Tasku may have been a curious and friendly alien, but he was no pushover. He used his incredible abilities to outsmart his enemies, always staying one step ahead. And in the end, he emerged victorious, ready for his next adventure.



The space ranger

Commander Murdock stood at the helm of his advanced battleship, surveying the battlefield before him. The air was filled with the sounds of blaster fire and the whine of engines, as the space defense force (SDF) fought to repel the invading alien fleet.

Murdock had been a space ranger for many years, and he had seen his fair share of combat. But this was the first time he had faced an enemy as formidable as the aliens. They were fierce and relentless, and they seemed to outnumber the SDF by a wide margin.
But Murdock was not about to give up. He knew that he could rely on his fellow rangers to have his back, no matter what. With a fierce determination, he activated his “Call to Arms” ability, summoning two advanced battleship cards to join the fight.

The additional ships added their firepower to the SDF’s assault, and the aliens were pushed back. But just when it seemed that the tide of the battle was turning in the SDF’s favor, the aliens launched a counterattack.
Murdock knew that they needed a boost, and he activated his “Piece of Alien Tech” ability, refilling two energy for the player. With renewed strength, the SDF fought back with renewed vigor, and the aliens were finally defeated.

As the last of the alien ships retreated into the depths of space, Murdock breathed a sigh of relief. He may have been forged in combat, but he was not invincible. He knew that he owed his victory to the skill and bravery of his fellow rangers. And with that, he set off to celebrate with his comrades.

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